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Hello and welcome, if this is your first visit to the site allow me to introduce you to the site, its content and what its all about.  My name is Dustin Matheny and I am the creator of this site, but that isn’t important I am only adding it for reference purposes for anyone who might need it for a bibliography.

Chances are you have heard about the Mandela Effect, most visitors are already deeply involved with this issue.  A somewhat official description would be “The ‘Mandela Effect’ is what happens when someone has a clear memory of something that never happened in this reality.

Massive groups of people have memories with the same exact details of different events.  However, the memories are different from what is in the history books, newspaper archives, even physical items in their homes (i.e. movies, songs, Bibles, notebooks, etc.).

These are not “false memories” as some people think, that a massive shared hallucination is taking place.  That is probably the most ridiculous theory of this issue I have heard.

There are four main theories as to why this is taking place.

  1. Parallel realities exist, and we’ve been sliding between one or more realities
    1. CERN is often used in this theory
    2. Time Travel has been another claim as people from our timeline is going back in time and either changing items on purpose, or it is a ripple effect from breaking the space-time continuum.  This is either by itself or used with the CERN theory.
  2. Government Mind Control / Brain Washing
    1. The effects of MKUltra that the government has had for the last 60 years.
    2. Many documents have been released, including President Clinton’s speech showing American citizens were tested on without permission, is it such a leap they started again or never stopped?
    3. Part of the White House Brain Initiative is Brain Research through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies.
  3. We are a computer simulation and it is an error in the coding/program.
    1. Many people have suggested that we are living in a computer simulation created by a civilization just like us, who also create simulations to try and get answers to different questions.
    2. The 4Chan scientist who claimed to be working on the Mandela Effect stated it was a problem with the server. There are many who believe this story and others who claim it was someone playing around.
  4. The devil is using his powers to remove as many people as possible from God
    1. For those of you who believe in the Flat-Earth this won’t be a far leap for you.  Since the earth is flat, then God had to create this plane for us to exist on.  Even if the God that created the world isn’t the one described in the Holy Bible, Koran, Tumid, or other religious texts around the world.  It clearly had to be designed and created by a greater intelligence.
    2. For those of you who believe the Bible is the word of God can also back this claim up with Bible scripture.  There are references to the firmament with the waters above and below.  The firmament is the dome and there is more evidence than the Bible backing this theory up.
    3. In several religious texts, even though going back before Christianity and Jewish texts are demons who walk the earth.  The devil is said to be in control of this world, like Gods kingdom is not of this world.  Satan can use this powers of darkness to bring evil and sin to the world.

Voting on Memories

To vote on the different Mandela Effects please click on the Mandela Effects Vote Here
Each voting poll is located inside of each article. You can visit each article that interests you or you can click on the first, then once inside the article page you can click next article to scroll through the entire list.  If you scroll through all the voting polls and there are ones you have no memory of, select no memory instead of not answering please.  If any of the answer’s do not match your memory, select other and enter your memory. You can also use the contact page to send me a message about your memory if its too long to put in the voting poll.

You can also now vote on all polls without articles by clicking the Vote W/O Articles page.

How Did It All Start?

The Mandela Effect started online in 2010 after a blogger posted on a public forum.  Fiona Broome had recently attended a convention where she had conversations with different people who all remembered Nelson Mandela either dying in prison in the 1980s, but he was still alive at that point.

The topic quickly picked up speed and before long the internet was buzzing with the Mandela Effect.

The purpose of this site is to try and get an idea of how many people are experiencing these memories, what memory they have, and what if anything can be used to prove the real reason behind this massive breakdown in peoples realities.

Right now each article will be created with a poll to vote on, basic information, and a photo or two showing relating information.  Once I get a good bit added I will go back and add more information about each effect and post any residual evidence that supports the changed timeline.

We know the problem is too wide spread to be a hoax, false memories, or people just forgetting.  But, until we have the real numbers behind this problem it will be hard to get the rest of the public to take notice.

Thank you for visiting our site, we hope that you find all the information you need.  If you are here to vote on which memory you have, thank you, for without you none of this would be possible.

As the status and entries grow we will put up different stats/graft pages which show the results collected on each Mandela Effect and the amount of people who suffer from each given effect.

Want to help us out? Simply share our link with your friends and family.  Let your co-workers know.  Share us on your social media pages would be the biggest help.  Facebook and Twitter can reach a massive crowd with enough shares.  Thanks again and once again, no ads, this project is non-profit and is not about trying to generate money.  I know that’s weird to hear in this day in age, but that is no bullshit, that’s the truth.