Do you remember how many members The Village People had in their group? Most say five (5) yet photos and bio’s say six (6).

No matter which memory you have a search online will show you six members.  The CD and record cases produced during their active time also show six members.  While I was not a fan, the song Y.M.C.A. was all over radio and TV in the 80s.  During the late 80s I had a chance to see them perform and I clearly remember only 5 members.

Portrait of the original members of the The Village People, from left to right: Randy Jones (the cowboy); David Hodo (the construction worker); Felipe Rose (the American Indian); Victor Willis (the cop); Glenn Hughes (the leatherman) and Alexander Briley (the G.I.). (Photo by CBS Archive/Getty IMages)

No matter how many times I look that the album cover in my hand I have no member of Alexander Briley the G.I.