Mandela Effect: Voting

The real numbers behind the Mandela Effect


Hello my name is Dustin Matheny and I am the creator of this site.  Like many of my fellow citizens around the world I suffer from what is commonly known as the Mandela Effect.  The list of effects I suffer from is to numerous to attempt to list here, but their are quiet a few.

I started this site to try and attempt to get a idea on the amount of people suffering and which memory they have of a certain topic.  There are many posts around the web talking about the changes, what people remember, and evidence to show residual information from before the change.

However, out of all these websites no one had a way to vote.  I found a couple of websites who had a few effects you could vote on but had not been updated in quiet awhile.

There are hundreds if not thousands of effects occurring.  Some are personal effects like friends no longer being friends, or people living some place different while others are global changes effecting millions of people.

With help from people just like you we all can get a better understanding of the true number of people effected and just how many different realities have been merged, if that is the case.

Thanks for visiting the site, I hope that you share it with your friends and family so the world can get out and we can get a better picture.  This site will remain ad-free, if any ads are showing now they are from the free hosting.  If this site picks up I will get a private hosting server with custom domain and there will be zero ads shown.  I don’t want ads or the idea of money to deter people from visiting or voting, I just want the truth.