Mandela Effect: Voting

The real numbers behind the Mandela Effect

Voting Information

Please read over the guidelines and information before voting on this site.  While the rules are simple I wanted to touch basis on a few points so everyone has an idea of whats going on.

First and Foremost NO Guessing!

Please do not try and guess at any of the options available on a poll. I would like to numbers to be as accurate as possible so all of us can get a better understanding of how large this effect is, how many people are experiencing certain memories, and just how many versions of a certain memory are out there.

Both/All Incorrect – Use this when you know the listed answers are incorrect but you are unsure what the correct answer is.  If you know the answer please use the other option to enter the correct information.

No Memory – Use this if you have no memory of the question being asked. If you have not physically experienced the memory but only have heard it from forums, hearsay, friends, etc. then select this option.  Even those with no memory votes help us to understand the size and magnitude of this effect.

Other – We give you the option to enter an answer if you know none of the listed answers are correct.  We are always happy to receive more and possibly correct answers.  All answered will be researched before being added, if more than 5-10 people enter the same answer we will add it regardless of our research.

We use a company called for each poll you see on this site. does use cookies to keep track on which items you voted on, this is to ensure you cannot accidentally vote a second (2nd) time on the same poll.

Membership information – If you decide to register for this site I wanted you to know that we will not share, give, trade, sell, barter, or loosely control your information.  All information given will be used by us for this website only.  We will also not send out more than 1 newsletter a month however users can choose to receive updates for each new poll or articles if so desired.  Membership is mainly used to gain reputation as your post count, member age, etc will be available to other members if you post in the comments section.  It also gives you the ability to edit your comments.

This site will not show ads other than the forced ads added by the hosting site.  If this site becomes popular I will move to a private paid hosting company with a dedicated domain name, but for now this free site will small ads they place will be fine.  If I move to a private server I still will not show any ads.  I don’t want money to become a part of this site, its just about the truth in numbers.

Thanks for taking the time to vote and helping all of us to try and understand this crazy Mandela Effect.

God Bless,
Dustin Matheny


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